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collecting indian coins and notes, fancy numbers, 786, 666, 777, 555, 7777
Available in Rs 10, Rs 20, Rs 50 notes

Please note that the domain investor does not sell or buy any note,coin, since it is very risky for her to do so. Kindly note that no government employee is associated with the website in any way, though many are making fake claims to get government jobs . A large number of people in india are interested in selling their notes and coins, so this information is compiled for reference only from emails received
i found your contacts on google in the section of buyers.
I have a collection of following notes and coins. I have scanned the images of my well as I have a network of various individuals who want to sell their collection from all over India.
You can contact me for buying my collection as well as Other collection at :- whats app 919830451613 Email: -,
you can see the images of my collection

I want to sell my one rupee note of 1981, 1985 & 1992 & all the notes are in excellent condition searched online they are selling for lakhs So plz tell me how much will I get? reply plz?
sourov bhattacharjee
Dear respected sir
I have below listed old antique coins and currencies please contact me if you required.
Also have great indian ram darbar coin and east india company coin..
100 russian rublee year 1898 -1 note
100 russian ruble year 1910 - 7 note
10 Dix kip vietnam old note -1 note
1 malaysia ringgit - earlier 1940 2 note
1 kyat myanmar earlier 1940 1 note
1 kyat burma -1 note
100 cent riels cambodia -1 note
10 ruble russian note year 1909 1 note
100 mark germany note year 1920 year 1 note
3 rubble russian note year 1905 1 note
5 rubble russian note year 1909 1 note
100 mark germany note year 1910 1 note
100 pengo budapest year 1945 1 note
10 customs gold unit china bank note year 1930
20 mark germany note year 1918
1 cent honkgong one side printed note - 1 note
1 cent malaysia one sided printed note year 1941 - 2 note
5 rs ceylon note year 1982
50 frank fance note year 1944 1 note
10 rs ceylon note 1970 1 note
10 dollar japan note during world war -3 note.
1 dollar singapore earlie 1940 1 note
one cru zeiro brazil note old 1 note
one piastre vietnam note during war -1 note
one pound egypt 1940- 3 note
1000 mark germany note year 1910 2 note
5 rupees japan government note -1 note
The coin is related to Hindu temples, i.e., it is a 'Temple Token', with various Western spellings such as Ram Tanka, or Ramatanka, or Ram Tonka. They were made as charms or tokens to carry around for good luck, and to catch blessings from the gods. They come with designs of Hindu gods and religious ceremonies being carried out in honor of them.
The Hindu gods on the token are Lord Rama, his wife Sita, and the monkey god Hanuman around a platform (dubar). The design comes from the great Hindu epic 'Rama's Journey' (the Ramayana). The two figures on the other side of the token are Rama with his half-brother and inseparable companion, Lakshman.
In North India the legend is commonly in Hindi, written in the Devanagari script, and commonly reads 'Rama Lachhamana Janaki' or 'Rama Lakshaman janaki' on one side, and 'Jai bala Hanamanaka' or 'Jai bolo Hanuman ki' on the other side. Hanuman ('Hanamanaka') and Lakshmana are both deities within a number of Hindu traditions.
The image with a green background is a genuine, old ramtanka minted in bronze and washed in silver. Its date is 1740. The image comes from an intriguing page on by mitresh which gives details of the symbolism of the central characters of Ramayana.
The legend is also sometimes found in Punjabi, written in the Gurumukhi script; in Bengali, written in the Bangla script; in Kannada, written in the Kannada script, or in Sanskrit, written in the Devanagari script.
I have east india company coin 1835 one quater
anna, one half anna
1808 xcash coin, 1862,1902 and queen victoria
coin,1740 ramdarbar,mughal
coin.If you required pls call me,
I would like to sell big one rupee
1977,1978,1979,1954 coin
. 5 rupee big indhira gandhi coin & Nehru coin
side face.
And old one rupee nehru coin without cap.
Old george 6 1 rupee,50 paisa 1947 coin,1 rupee
nehru coin with cap,50
paisa indira gandhi coin. old 1 rupee,50 paisa
gandhi coin 1948 old 20 paisa brass coin. 25 paisa coin 9th
asian game coin,1 rupee tourism year
coin 1991,25 paisa forestry development coin 1989
i have old pre independent postage stamp with
covers,inland letter, postal cards

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