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The value of an indian currency note depends to some extent on how rare the note is. One of the identifying features of the currency notes is the RBI governor who has signed the currency note . The availability of the currency notes signed by a particular RBI governor will depend on the duration for which the person was the RBI governor . For example Dr Bimal Jalan, was the RBI governor for nearly 6 years, so it is relatively easier to get currency notes signed by Dr Bimal Jalan, while some individuals like S Venkitaramanan were RBI governor for only two years. In January 2017, in Panaji, Goa, it is relatively easy to get currency notes signed by Raghuram Rajan who was RBI governor till September 2016, while it is difficult to find older currency notes signed by earlier RBI governors in circulation. On auction sites like Ebay, the older notes signed by earlier governors like R.N . Malhotra are in demand and get a higher price.

For reference, a list of past RBI governors and their approximate duration in office has been compiled for currency note collectors:
Sir Osborne Smith, 01-04-1935 to 30-06-1937
Sir James Taylor 01-07-1937 to 17-02-1943
Sir C D Deshmukh 11-08-1943 to 30-06-1949
Sir Benegal Rama Rau 01-07-1949 to 14-01-1957, 7 years 6 months
K G Ambegaonkar 14-01-1957 to 28-02-1957, interim governor
H V R Iengar 01-03-1957 to 28-02-1962, 5 years
P C Bhattacharya 01-03-1962 to 30-06-1967, 5 years, 4 months
L K Jha 01-07-1967 to 03-05-1970, 2 years, 10 months, 2 days
B N Adarkar 04-05-1970 to 15-06-1970, interim governor
S Jagannathan 16-06-1970 to 19-05-1975, 4 years, 11 months , 3 days
N C Sen Gupta 19-05-1975 to 19-08-1975, interim governor
K R Puri 20-08-1975 to 02-05-1977, 1 year 8 months 12 days
M Narasimham 02-05-1977 to 30-11-1977, interim governor
Dr. I G Patel 01-12-1977 to 15-09-1982,approx., 4 years 9 months
Dr. Manmohan Singh 16-09-1982 to 14-01-1985,approx 2 years,3 months
A Ghosh 15-01-1985 to 04-02-1985, interim governor
R N Malhotra 04-02-1985 to 22-12-1990, approx 5 years 10 months
Venkitaramanan 22-12-1990 to 21-12-1992, 2 years
Dr. C Rangarajan 22-12-1992 to 21-11-1997, 4 years, 11 months
Dr. Bimal Jalan 22-11-1997 to 06-09-2003, approx. 5 years 10 months
Dr. Y V Reddy 06-09-2003 to 05-09-2008, 5 years
Dr. D. Subbarao 05-09-2008 to 04-09-13, 5 years
Dr. Raghuram Rajan 04-09-2013 to 04-09-2016, 3 years
Dr Urjit Patel, 04-09-2016 till date

The RBI governors are appointed by the central government, and the term depends on the relationship with finance ministry. For example as the government wished to implement demonetization of Rs 500 and Rs 1000 notes in November 2016, according to media reports Dr. Raghuram Rajan was not allowed a second term, as he was likely to oppose the move to demonetize currency, which caused a lot of hardship to a large number of indian citizens.

If a governor is in office for a longer period of time, more currency notes are likely to be available with the governors signature. The average life of currency note , especially lower denomination notes approximately 1 year, and most of the currency notes in circulation in February 2017, are having the signature of Raghuram Rajan , the previous governor or Urjit Patel the current governor. Usually the signature of the RBI governor is one of the features which will determine the value of the currency notes . Notes with the signature of Bimal Jalan and other earlier RBI governors remain fairly rare in India in 2017 and are only available with currency collectors. Due to fake allegations of "black money" few people are selling Rs 500 and Rs 2000 notes online in India, most online paper currency trade is limited to low value Rs 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50 and Rs 100 notes . On Ebay.com , there are many sellers selling the new Rs 500 and Rs 2000 notes at a premium.

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